Just some of our features that separate us from the rest

Online Autonomous Setup

A first in South Africa. You can sign up with all KYC requirements online and be up and running within 5 minutes anytime anywhere. No phoning or interacting with anyone.

Real Time Billing

You can view your balance online 
real-time allowing for no bill shock.

Multiple Extensions

Have a company of 20 people but only need 5 individual phone numbers. No problem. Each person can have their own extension which is all managed simply through our online portal. You can control ring times, call routing, call recording etc all via our simple to use online Portal.

Call Forwarding

Have an employee without an Android or IOS device? No Problem, unanswered calls can be forwarded to another BuzzBox number or to a cell phone (forwarded call will be billed for).

No New Hardware

In the past PABX systems were costly and normally meant long-term financial commitment. No Longer. Our PABX is controlled in the Cloud. No expensive hardware necessary. All our plans are month to month, so you can cancel at any time.

Android and IOS Apps

Don’t want to be tied down to a desk phone. We have you covered. Download our simple to setup Android or IOS device and you can make and receive calls as though you were sitting at your desk. Setting up the app is as simple as copying and pasting a website string from your welcome email.

Free Voicemail Setup

Each employee/extension can set up and change their own voicemail whenever and wherever they want to. Just dial “111” from your extension and follow the voice prompts.

Voice Recording

Voice recording can be turned on for your organisation and all calls will be recorded and saved in the cloud. Recording is billed at R1 per 1GB of recording which equates to around 1000 recorded minutes. Simply log into the Portal to clear old recordings.

Extension Call Limits

Ever had an employee run up a huge bill phoning overseas? As the administrator, you can set maximum per minute call rates per extension which will block any international or premium phone numbers. All of this is managed through the simple online Portal. Simple.

Timed Call Routing

Want to set office hours, after hours call routing and voicemail. No Problem. You can set up your office line to dial reception from 8:00-17:00. From 17:00 a voicemail can be played with the option to dial 9 for after-hours emergency service. If 9 is dialled the call can be routed to an employee that is on call after hours. All this can be done through our simple to use online Portal.


Free BuzzBox to BuzzBox

Employee to Employee calls… Free. Home phone connected to BuzzBox, Calls…Free. Shared the ease of BuzzBox with friends, family and other businesses? Calls to them, you guessed it. Free.

Find Us

Suite 103, 1st Floor,
Design Quarters, Fourways, Johannesburg, 2191

Monday—Friday: 8:00AM–17:00PM

+27 011 465 6479


Belela, the Mobile Telephony Division of Wispa Technology Solutions, owns and operates Public services kiosks that bring mobile telephony services to the market.

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